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Furnance Repair

There's not much worse than a cold night's sleep. When the sun sinks below the horizon, temperatures drop, and the house gets cold—even in Southern California! So if you're shivering in your pjs and tired of hiding beneath a huge pile of blankets, call Westcoast Appliance Repair Services and we'll get you back to a good night's sleep in a comfortably warm home. Furnace repair can be tricky, and you don't want to get yourself into a dangerous situation; that's why it's good to call a professional. Initially, we provide you with an over the phone consultation, which sometimes solves the problem. If that doesn't do the trick, we'll arrange an in-home technician support to repair your furnace. No matter what the brand, we can thoroughly diagnose and repair your furnace so that it functions properly, which allows you to function properly!

A gas furnace is a complex piece of machinery with an important job. The most common problem people experience is when their gas furnace doesn't ignite or adequately heat your house. However, other common problems that occur include the following: the thermostat does not work properly, the vents are clogged or the filter may be old or dirty which prevents the unit from functioning optimally, the breakers or service switches may need to be readjusted, the wiring may be damaged or in need of repair. Any of these problems will lead to an unsatisfactory temperature environment in your home. We recommend scheduling a yearly inspection for your gas furnace to prevent problems from occurring when you least want them too!

Whether your gas furnace is completely broken, running a bit irregularly, or just needs a yearly maintenance inspection, Westcoast Appliance Repair Services is here to repair or maintain your gas furnace so that you can be sure to stay warm through all the cold nights. Our expert technicians are fully factory trained and state licensed, each averaging about 15 years of on-the-job appliance repair experience. They are also trained to work with a global selection of appliances—from Germany to Korea and Japan to France—so that we are able to address almost any appliance problem with almost any brand name. It doesn't matter if your gas furnace is new or old, run of the mill or retro; we're outfitted and prepared to tackle any kind of problems you have.

In addition to an expert technician force, we offer outstanding customer service by phone, with representatives at your beck and call 24 hours a day. Our competent customer service staff are trained to assist you by problem solving your appliance issue over the phone. If they are unable to help you to resolve the problem, an in-home technician visit can be scheduled to address your appliance problem immediately. Our appliance repair technicians work 7 days a week to ensure your satisfaction with our appliance repair services.

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