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Ice Maker Repair

The summers get hot in Southern California, and a cold drink is always best on ice. The convenience of an ice maker helps you beat the heat and enjoy cold beverages on sweltering days. So when your ice maker is broke, give Westcoast Appliance Repair Service a call, and we'll get you back on track to cold refreshment. We offer you an initial over the phone consultation, which sometimes solves the problem, followed by in-home technician support to repair your ice maker and get you back to an easy enjoyment of your favorite drinks. Whether you have a high-end, regular, or retro ice maker, we can thoroughly diagnose and repair your appliance so that it functions properly, which allows you to function properly!

The most common problem with an ice maker is when it simply won't make ice. Although it seems like making ice with a machine would be as easy and uncomplicated a process as is making ice manually, in truth, automatic ice makers have many interlocking parts that must all work together smoothly and harmoniously for ice to come sliding out of the refrigerator at the flick of your wrist. Of course, when it doesn't, the natural response is frustration! Other than failure to make ice, other problems with ice makers may be that the cubes are too small, the ice is wet, or there is a water leakage in or around the ice maker. These problems could be due to a malfunction in the water valve or a problem with the freezer thermostat, whereby the freezer does not remain cold enough. Or the freezer may be working fine but there is a problem with the ejector gear or motor mechanisms which dispense the ice.

At Westcoast Appliance Repair Service, our expert technicians are all state licensed and fully factory trained, each averaging about 15 years of on-the-job appliance repair experience. We are committed to providing a top notch professional response to all of your appliance problems, and our technicians are trained to service a universal selection of appliances—from those made in the United States, to those form Europe and Asia. Whether you have regular or retro appliances, new or old, fancy or ordinary, we're completely equipped to address any and all appliance problems you may have.

Our accomplished customer service staff are available to take your call and discuss your appliance problem around the clock, at any hour. And our in-home technicians labor every day, 7 days a week, providing courteous appliance repair service when you need it, and in the comfort of your own home. Whether by phone or in person, our ultimate goal is to help you resolve your appliance problems and restore your life to normal.

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